About Me

Hello, I’m Rob, a passionate gameplay programmer with over 20 years of software development experience. I hold a 1st class honours degree in game development, fueling my love for creating immersive gaming experiences. My expertise spans a wide range of tools and languages, including Unreal Engine, Blueprint, C++, Unity, and C#.

My journey as a programmer has been driven by a deep fascination with gaming and a desire to craft memorable and enjoyable gameplay mechanics. I thrive on collaborating with creative teams to bring ideas to life and deliver engaging player experiences. From designing intricate systems to debugging and optimizing code, I am committed to delivering high-quality and efficient solutions.



ue5 blueprint c++ collab

You have angered the mushroom mites who are now intent on taking over your home, stop them!


ue4 blueprint c++ solo

A clone of the 2013 classic, Flappy Bird, by Dong Nguyen.

Tell the Time

ue4 blueprint solo

Learn to Tell the Time with this proof-of-concept educational game for children.

Space Invaders (1978)

ue4 blueprint solo

A recreation of the 1978 classic, Space Invaders.

Space Invaders

unity c# solo

A clone of Atari’s 1980 Space Invaders.


unity c# solo

Escape the underworld of Tilevania in this 2D platformer.

Glitch Garden

unity c# solo

A Plants vs Zombies clone, with gnomes!

Laser Defender

unity c# solo

A face-paced space shooter!


I can be contacted directly via connect@robmeade.co.uk.

You may also like to connect with me on the following platforms:

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