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This game is a recreation of the 2013 classic FlappyBird, by Dong Nguyen.

It was created solely for educational purposes, with the original aim of challenging myself to recreate FlappyBird as accurately as possible. Strong attention to detail was applied to the speeds and timings of gameplay mechanics and the game’s animated user-interfaces. Significant time was spent on research, recording gameplay videos, and studying each of the original game’s features.

The project was prototyped rapidly using Unreal Engine’s Blueprint visual scripting system. After many successful iterations, I chose to use this project as a candidate for migration from Blueprint to C++.

You can play FlappyBird, for free, here. Enjoy!


  • Endless play
  • Replayability (frustratingly so!)
  • Randomised bird colour (red, yellow, blue)
  • Randomised day/night background
  • Sound effects
  • Animated user-interfaces
  • Achievement medals (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum)
  • Saved high score


This project was created using Unreal Engine (4.26). Code was initially written using Blueprint, with aspects later migrated to C++. The project makes use of enums, flipbooks, sound cues, material instances, and user-widgets, to support both gameplay and the user-interfaces.

Further Development

Plans for further development of this project include;

  • Quit game option (Windows builds)
  • Leaderboard functionality
  • Further migration to C++


Many of the 2D art assets were sourced from GitHub, the remaining (missing) assets were created by myself using original gameplay recordings as reference. Game audio was sampled from the original game.

It should be noted that permission was not sought/given by the original author (Dong Nguyen) to recreate any part of the original game, or the use of the game’s assets.