Glitch Garden

unity c# solo

Glitch Garden is a lane-based tower defense game, inspired by Plants vs Zombies.

You can play Glitch Garden, for free, here. Enjoy!


  • Single-player gameplay
  • 6 playable levels
  • Level survival timer
  • Difficulty settings
  • Audio settings
  • Player lives
  • Resource management
  • Variable enemy spawn delays
  • Random enemy lane spawning
  • 2 unique attackers;
    • Croc – slow moving, high health
    • Fox – fast moving, can jump tombstones, low health
  • 3 unique defenders;
    • Cactus – throws zucchinis, low projectile damage, low health
    • Gnome -throws axes, high projectile damage, low health
    • Tombstone – no attack, blocks Crocs, high health
  • 1 resource generator
    • generates stars, used as currency to make purchases
  • Reactionary sprite animations
  • Grid-based point-and-click unit placement
  • Intuitive user-interfaces
  • Music and SFX


This project was created using Unity and C#.

The game’s core functionality is separated into components and utilises events and delegates for communication.

The enemy spawner delay implements a coroutine with a random value generated between minimum and maximum spawn delay configuration values. The enemy spawner’s enemy type array can be configured with varying enemy types, on each call to spawn a random enemy type will be determined and spawned. This design allows for the enemy spawners to be configured differently for each level of the game, and more granually, each lane within a level.

Further Development

Currently, no further development is planned for this project, however, it would serve as a very good foundation to build from. Additional features might include;

  • Two-player versus mode
  • Enhanced difficulty settings
  • Additional attackers, with varying attributes;
    • movement speed
    • health
    • attack damage
    • attack speed
  • Additional defenders, with varying attributes;
    • health
    • attack speed
    • projectile damage
    • projectile speed
  • Additional levels
  • Refined game balancing
  • Improved user-interfaces


The majority of assets (background images, sprites, and audio) for this project were provided by Tiny Speck, creators of Glitch the Game and Slack. The fonts (Funky Junk and Garden) were sourced from