Laser Defender

unity c# solo

Laser Defender is a lively top-down space shooter which features endless single-player gameplay.

You can play Laser Defender, for free, here. Enjoy!


  • Single-player gameplay
  • Enemy pathfinding
  • Enemy waves
  • Player score
  • Player health
  • Music / SFX
  • Particle FX


This project was created using Unity and C#.

Enemy behaviour is supported by wave configuration which sets the enemies to be spawned, the delay between enemy spawns, the enemy movement speed, and the path to be followed. Configured waves are added to the enemy spawner which manages the order of the waves and the time between them. Enemy pathfinding is driven by a list of configured waypoints which the enemies move towards. This project makes good use of lists, loops, and scriptable objects.

Further Development

Currently, no further development is planned for this project, however, it would serve as a great foundation to build from. Additional features might include;

  • Two-player co-op mode
  • Power-ups
    • Weapons
    • Health
    • Shields
    • Score multiplier
    • Smart-bomb
  • Additional enemy variations
  • Additional enemy pathfinding
  • Additional enemy waves
  • Difficulty settings which affect;
    • Enemy movement speed
    • Enemy rate of fire
  • High scores/leaderboard
  • Improved user-interfaces


The 2D art assets (player ship, enemies, projectiles) and sound effects were provided by Kenney’s Space Shooter Redux and Sci-fi Sounds asset packs. Background images, fonts, and in game music were sourced from