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Mush-Room is a fast-paced survival game in which you play as a wizard fighting to save your home from disgruntled forest sprites. The seemingly invulnerable magical mushrooms, known as Mushroom Mites, are hell bent on taking over your home. These creatures can only be destroyed by tossing them into your cauldron, which contains some unknown magic concoction, capable of dissolving them.

You can play Mush-Room, for free, here. Enjoy!


  • Challenging skill-based gameplay offering replayability
  • Semi-stylised fantasy experience
  • Introductory cut scenes/story
  • First-person player controls;
    • walk, crouch, jump, pickup, drop, throw
  • Animated player character
  • Player ambidexterity
  • Individual enemy behaviours
  • Unique enemy spawning behaviours/configurations
  • Responsive enemy mushroom animations
  • Interactive objects
  • Sound effects;
    • atmospheric
    • emphasising player actions
    • variable as action intensifies
  • Game metrics;
    • survival time
    • destroy mushroom count (by type)
    • accuracy percentage
  • Highly configurable;
    • graphics, audio, controls, user-interface
  • Visual, auditory, and motor accessibility options


The project was created using Unreal Engine (4.26). Code was primarily written using Blueprint. Custom C++ was used to access data unavailable via Blueprint. The project makes use of interfaces, structures, and enums, to support gameplay, options, and player preferences. The game includes visual, auditory, and motor accessibility features.

This was a collaborative project with a small team;

  • Rob Meade – Gameplay Programmer
  • Kingsley Arriola – Animation/Rigging
  • Lydia Baraclough – 2D/Concept Artist
  • Tom Channelle – 3D/Environment Artist

Further Development

This project is currently being migrated to C++ from Blueprint.

Whilst there are no immediate plans to develop this project further after the C++ migration, the following are other ideas our team discussed and would be considered if further development took place;

  • Enhanced enemies;
    • enemy movement
    • enemy behaviours/personalities
    • additional enemy types (bats, flies, frogs)
    • exploding mushrooms (boon for players)
  • Player spell casting
  • Player crafting
  • Area of effect damage (potions)
  • Gameplay rounds/waves
  • Environment;
    • additional rooms/storeys
  • Prop animations
  • Customisable player characters (skin type, skin tone, clothing, jewellery)
  • Gamepad support
  • Additional accessibility features