Tell the Time

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Tell the Time was created as a proof-of-concept educational game that can aid chidren in learning to tell the time. The game is aimed at children in keystages 1 and 2 (ages 5-11).

You can play Tell the Time, for freehere. Enjoy!


  • AI generated in-game narration
  • Data driven questions and answers
  • Selectable virtual teacher
  • Cute/fun stylised graphical user-interfaces
  • Cute/fun in-game audio
  • Player progression and encouragement
  • Replayability
  • Audio accessibility options


The project was created using Unreal Engine (4.25). Code was written using Blueprint. The project makes use of data-tables, structs, and enums to support levels, learning materials, questions, answers, player progression, and preferences. The game offers basic audio accessibility options.

The in-game narration was generated using Text-to-Speech services from ReadSpeaker (

Further Development

Plans for further development include;

  • Additional learning objectives, including;
    • time words
    • on the hour times
    • half past
    • putting hands on the clock
    • quarter past times
    • quarter to times
    • other past times
    • other to times
  • Knowledge testing quizzes
  • Additional accessibility options
  • Additional langages support/localisation
  • Additional virtual teachers/voices
  • Virtual teacher customisation/representation