unity c# solo

Tilevania is a 2D, side-scrolling platformer, inspired by Spelunky. Your objective is to escape the underworld of Tilevania, reaching the surface, and freedom. You will need to cautiously explore the underworld whilst avoiding traps, obstacles, and monsters. Although perilous, the underworld is littered with gold coins, lost by previous adventurers like yourself, collect as many as you can!

You can play Tilevania, for free, here. Enjoy!


  • Single-player gameplay
  • Player lives
  • Traps and obstacles
  • Collectables (coins)
  • NPC movement
  • 2D animation
  • Basic character movement;
    • Horizontal movement
    • Jump
    • Ladder climbing
  • Sound FX
  • Basic user-interfaces (main menu, hud)


This project was created using Unity and C#.

Unity’s Sprite Editor was used to separate individual sprites from the asset packs sprite sheets, which included the background and platform tiles, traps and obstacle tiles, coins, and character and enemy animations.

Levels were initially sketched out on squared paper which gave me an opportunity to explore alternative ideas but to have a visual representation of each level and how they’d work together.

Each level implemented a Tilemap and made use of Unity’s Tile Palette tool. Layers were implemented in order to provide background and foreground tiles, and each level was created based on the initial sketches.

The ladder climbing mechanic uses a layer collision approach to determine if the player is on a ladder, if not, the player’s input is ignored.

Further Development

Currently, no further development is planned for this project, however, it would serve as a good foundation to build from. Additional features might include;

  • Level timer or time based threat (flooding for example)
  • Additional levels
  • Points of Interest to find (star achievement system) per level
  • Player attack mechanic to destroy NPCs
  • Additional background and foreground tiles
  • Themed levels
  • More varied obstacles and traps
  • Moving platforms
  • Additional collectables
  • Additional sound effects
  • Visual effects (screenshake, particles, lighting effects)
  • Improved user-interfaces


2D sprite assets for this project were Super Platfomer Assets, by Foxfin.