Rebellion Clan Rules

The clan aims to be as inclusive as possible and encourages participation in the hope that it will create a positive experience for all members.

The following rules have been created through necessity to keep things fair for members and make managing the clan as easy as possible. The following rules will apply to all members, regardless of levels of participation or length of membership within the clan.

#1 – Use Clan War Preferences to Indicate Availability

  • Use this setting to state that you are in/out for the next clan war (schedules are posted in-game and on Discord)
  • If you indicate you are green/in and then fail to attack in a clan war or cwl, you will receive a warning
  • If you set yourself as red/out and remain so for a period of two weeks or more, you will be removed from the clan

#2 – Clan Wars

  • 1st attack = your mirror (e.g. if you are our #2, attack enemy #2 with your 1st attack)
  • All 1st attacks are to be completed within the first 12 hours
  • 2nd attacks only after 12 hours have passed, or, all 1st attacks are complete
  • 2nd attack targets are often set using the in-game tags/notes on each enemy base, check before attacking
  • Failure to attack, or not follow the above will result in a warning

#3 – Raid Weekends

  • Participation is not mandatory but encouraged and appreciated
  • However, if you do participate, use all of your raids
  • Failure to do so will result in a warning

#4 – Clan Games

  • Participation is not mandatory but encouraged and appreciated
  • However, if you do participate you are expected to achieve at least 75% of your personal target
  • Failure to do so will result in a warning

#5 – Promotions

  • Elder is achieved upon donating 100 troops in a given season

#6 – Clan Invites

  • No new members are to be accepted during a clan war or cwl
  • When the clan is set to Anyone Can Join or Invite Only (see clan settings) feel free to invite other members
  • When the clan is set to Closed, please do not invite anyone without checking first (in-game or on Discord)
  • Those invited should meet the clan requirements (see clan settings), and above all, be active.
  • If you have alt/mini accounts and you wish to bring those across to help them grow, you can.
  • If they do not meet clan requirements using them in clan wars or cwl will be discretionary

#7 – General

Wherever possible, please try to support your fellow clan members, donate, challenge each other’s bases when requested, and offer help/suggestions.

The Warning System

The warnings system works as follows;

  • warnings will be logged by myself against your player name
  • alts/minis will be treated separately
  • warnings will be announced in the in-game chat
  • after two warnings, if another rule is broken, you will be removed from the clan.


  • you set your clan war preferences to green/in
  • a clan war is announced and you are included, but fail to turn up
  • you are issued a warning
  • another clan war is announced, you are set to green/in, and are included
  • you turn up, following the clan war rules perfectly
  • your warning count is reset to o (zero).

Special Note

I appreciate that from time to time “things” will happen, real-life will get in the way, or throw you a curve ball. I will do what I can to accommodate this as much as possible, but that only works if you communicate.

Whenever possible, if there’s a problem let me know ASAP. For example, if you’re lucky enough to go on holiday for three weeks (which would mean you’d be red/out for more than two weeks) let me know in advance and I will make an exception. The aim of this is to try to be as fair as possible, this must work in both directions. It is not fair to make repeated excuses after the event for why you couldn’t follow the rules.

And Finally…

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the clan which you would like to put forward, including changes to the above rules, or any other aspects of the clan, I invite you to do so.